First blog post – How Exciting!!

Hi There,


Thanks for stopping by….

Creating this blog is the first of many big steps I am planning this year. I have wanted to share my passion for crocheting, crafting for years but never felt like I was confident enough to take the cyber leap.

I discovered crochet purely by chance. I was in a very bad place and it was suggested that I learn a new skill to keep my overactive brain occupied. I have fond memories of my nan knitting everything under the sun. She was so fast and so precise. The items she created were beautiful. I tried knitting but unfortunately, it did not work for me. At my local charity shop, I found some crochet hooks, brought them and not looked back.

I watched days and days worth of youtube videos, read through blogs, searched for any available free patterns and borrowed every crochet book I could get my hands on. I LOVED it. I could not think about anything else when I was working on my masterpieces. Soon enough, I was progressing onto bigger and most complex patterns. I love being challenged and even more showing everyone my final finished piece. Over the years, I became a lot more confident with the various stitches and what could be made. I started devising my own patterns. Unfortunately, I did not write anything down! I loved being able to make birthday and Christmas presents for friends and family. I got a huge sense of achievement.

This is my creative journey and I hope you join me xx


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