Hook, Line & Sinker – Rolling Waves Slouchy Hat

I stumbled across this slouchy hat pattern pretty soon after it was released (December 2016). I loved the stitch effect and thought it would be a great addition to my ever increasing crochet hat collection! I had not made any items created by this designer before and thought I would give it a go!

Hook, Line & Sinker – Crochet Creations by Rachel

Rolling Waves Slouch Pattern


I also liked that the designer clearly highlighted that the pattern had not been tested. I love patterns like this! It is fresh, modern and from an up and coming designer! There are lots of designers out there and I feel that they need to get more exposure….

I also had the perfect yarn for the job. I recently brought a lovely charcoal coloured yarn from Stylecraft. I am blessed that there are several charity shops near me and they stock brand new wool/yarn!!! Good quality yarn from established suppliers at bargain prices. Don’t get me wrong, this girl loves an expensive yarn but I also love a bargain (who doesn’t, right?)


Yarn I used for this pattern

I started making the hat as per the pattern but found that the stitches were too dense for the look I was going for. I took the pattern and made a couple of small alternations. Firstly, I replaced all slipstitches with single crochet. I also changed the half double crochet to double crochet (US terms). The effect is slightly more subdued than the above. Saying that, I loved the more subtle look. I also liked that the stitch work was now looser. I also have to say that this is at not fault of the designers. I personally do not like using slip stitches as a main stitch in a pattern. No idea why, just don’t like it. I try and stick to only using slip stitches to finish off rounds etc. Winters in the UK are pretty cold and a good decent hat is definately required. I prefer less dense hats as I use them more of a fashion accessory as opposed to a warmth requirement!

It took about 4 hours to complete the hat to fit my sized head! To finish, I simply stitched up the main seam and then using a running stitch pulled the top together. I was also surprised that the hat is reversible! Depending on your mood, you can have the waves effect or the reverse which reminds me of honeycombe!

I have since made this hat again but for my hubby. He has a thing for military green coloured yarn. Luckily, I managed to pick up a boat load during the after Christmas sale at Hobbycraft! I used the same stitch alterations but this time it took me longer as he has a much bigger head and wanted a more slouchier (Is that even a word!) version! Hubby was really pleased with his hat and he had worn it on several ocassions – much to my delight!!!

To finish, I would like to say well done to Rachel. This is a beautiful design and the stich effect is amazing. Can’t wait to see what you are going to be releasing next.

Annie xx


Here are some really bad photos of my finished items!

Hat made from the yarn mentioned above.

This is the hat which I made for myself. Hubby kept on stealing it until I made a larger one for him.

Much larger sized hat!

Hubby was over the moon to have one made for him and in his fave colour! The ripple effect is more subtle but still really pretty.


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