Crochet Zombie Dolls!

I have always been drawn to the Dark Side!!! Meaning, I am fascinated with mystical creatures, myths and generally anything goth or steampunk(ish). I wanted to make a cuddly (AKA Amigurumi). I love all of the cute creatures but I wanted something different, something more my taste. As usual, I took to the internet to get some inspiration! I found the below:-

Crochet Skeleton created by Canadian Crochet Artist – Shanell Papp
ZombieBot by Geekcraft
Shrunken Heads by Kim Lapsley
Voodoo Anyone! by Amigurumibb

I loved Voodoo Anyone! This was going to be the pattern for me. I read through the pattern from the designers webpage. It seemed pretty straight forward.

It took me 2 evening to make the zombie doll and I was very very pleased with the finished item. Here’s a photo of my finished Zombie:-


I used scrap yarn which had been left over from other projects. I hate to throw anything away and it keeps my hubby from moaning about the bags of scrappy yarn and how much room they are taking up! I also used oil crayons to add a bit more character to her (just like the designer).

I took my She Zombie to my hubbys work to show him. Within 10 minutes of arriving, one of his work colleague offered to buy her. She has a friend who is equally into the Dark Side. I did not leave hubbys work with the doll! I have been meaning to make 2.0 but other projects have got in the way.

Perhaps, now is a good time!

Till next time, Annie xx







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