Yarn Bombing!!! Let’s make it happen?

Yarn bombing AKA Yarn Storming, Guerrilla Knitting, Kniffiti, Urban Knitting & Graffiti Knitting!!! It is a form of street art and I love it!

It is a great form of self expression using my fave craft. It shows that knitting and crochet is not just an art for the golden oldies! It is fresh and moderns with enthusiasts of all ages.

I love how every day street furniture can be transformed. Benches become monsters! Trees become cute sea creatures and my personal fave – bin/bollard becomes R2D2!!!

Here are some of the fave yarn bombing photos:-

My fave picture is the Octopus Tree!!

I also think that this would be beneficial to both children and adults with learning difficulties/disabilities.  They are vibrant, colourful, eye catching and just fun! I also think it is a great way of sharing your passion and love for your craft. I would love to be involved in a yarn bombing event!!! I was thinking about yarn bombing the route my son’s Scout Group take during their Remembrance Sunday Parade. How cool would it be to cover the trees etc with hundreds if not thousands of poppies. Perhaps we could get local businesses to sponsor a poppy and the money could be presented to Help For Heroes??? I am really passionate about this but I cannot do it on my own. Please get in touch if you would be interested in helping arrange this, create poppies, contact companies to get backing??? Just generally helping to make this a reality! Anything and everything would be really helpful.

Annie xx


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