Ribbed Hat – Custom Made!

My hubby really wanted a dense hat with a basic pattern effect. He also wanted it in camo! I have search the internet and found lots of camo print yarn but nothing which would be easily available.

Camo is green and brown, right! So why not mix 2 balls of DK to make my own colour! In my craft/yarn cupboard, I had a lovely olive green which I brought from Aldi a while ago. I also found a chocolate brown (Stylecraft).

My hubby has a rather large head so I went with a 5mm hook.

I thought the easiest and quickest pattern would be ribbed. It is pretty dense and can be made to fit any sized head. I decided not to do the usual top down or bottom up style. I went for a back and forth style which would be sewn together at the end.

It took about 2 hours to finished the crochet fabric and about another 30 mins to sew the seam and close the top circle.

Hubby was over the moon with the finished result and have since made more but in different colours. My hubby is heavily involved in Watersports and likes to wear a hat when he is out on the water (may have something to do with being bald!).

Here is the finished item!

Ribbed Hat.JPG

The photo does not do the colour any justice! I am really pleased with the camo effect!

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.

Annie x


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