Virus Shawl – Experience & Finished Shawl

My internet feeds were going mad over the Virus Shawl. I was instantly drawn in by the lovely stitch work. I am not usually a lover of shawls and much prefer cowls or scarves. I thought this would be a good pattern to try out as it would be something I had never made before. Well! Trying to find a pattern which made sense was my first task. Lots of people had released chart patterns but were hard to understand (being in mind, I am not a newbie to charts). Eventually, I found a written/chart combo pattern. The next task would be finding a yarn! I wanted something with some sparkle and maybe have a graduated effect.

I visited one of my local indie yarn shops – Whichcraft in Cheam Village, Surrey. This shop has an amazing range of yarn and knew it would be the perfect place! I found the most amazing silver, black, white graduated yarn which has silver sparkles. I brought 2 x 100g balls. I am really sorry but I cannot for the life of me remember exactly what yarn it was. I was so excited about making the shawl that I forgot to make a note of the brand, name etc!

The shawl worked up pretty quickly and the yarn was a dream to work it. It took me (on and off) about 2 weeks to make and weave in the ends!

Here is my finished Virus Shawl! I did have to block the shawl to open up the pattern but this is something really easy to do. I put the shawl into the washing machine on a low setting and then hung it out to dry. I clipped on some table cloth weights and it did the trick!

Virus Shawl.JPG

I am over the moon yet a little sad with my finished shawl. I love the stitch effect, the yarn and just how gorgeous it looks. I am sad as it is another project finished a lot quicker than I expected!

I have used the shawl as more of a chunky neckerchief. I have been asked by several people where I brought it from and they were shocked that I made it! This is my point! Crochet is a way of expressing your creativity and it can be very modern!

Since making the shawl, I have found so many high fashion crochet items! Good to see a new fresh and modern interpretation of a timeless craft!

Till next time…..

Annie xx


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