Crochet is Therapy!

Apologies for going off of the radar for a couple of weeks. They say it never rains when it pours! Not true! My beloved Vaio (laptop) has gone to the happy technological hunting ground! Hubby and I were supposed to go on an overdue trip to Wales which did not go exactly to plan! I did however make friends with the resident Pheasant! Oh and to top off everything, I am now unemployed! The last few weeks have been trying to say the least and now all of my planned posts have thoroughly gone to pot! Luckily, my mum in law has lent me her laptop so I can try and get things back on track.

Thank for lord for crochet! I have been crocheting like a demon over the last 2 weeks. Finished off lots of projects which I am really excited to share with everyone. I have been searching the internet for amigurumi inspiration. I love scrolling through Pinterest and Ravelry to find new ideas. I find making cuddly toys therapeutic during times of stress. I pour all of my emotions into making something new. I have made a super cute girlie doll and a fuzzy little teddy with a jumper! I will be writing posts about both of these makes along with links to the patterns and materials used.

Crocheting has yet again saved my sanity and I am so pleased that I am able to better handle stress and anxiety in a more productive way. I know that my family and I are faced with some hard times but we will prevail!

Thanks, Annie xx



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