Anabelle Doll – Weebee!

I have wanted to crochet a doll for as long as I can remember. I have searched and searched for patterns but nothing was taking my fancy! Some days I wanted a cute looking dolly and on others I was more into a gothic style. I quit searching and concentrated on other projects. Finally, nearly 4 years later, I have found the perfect doll! Using my tried and true – Ravelry, I stumbled across the Weebee Doll. The design was created by Laura Tegg. I instantly fell in love with the chubby body, arms and legs. I liked the effect of having only eyes on the face (for some reason, I thought this was really cool?) I also found that there are a number of different clothes which can be made to fit this specific doll – Result!!!

Link to the Weebee Doll pattern (free)

I found the pattern really easy to follow. Clear instructions with hints and tips. I decided to use a bigger hook size as I wanted a larger sized doll. I used a standard DK (Stylecraft in Cream 100g) without any problems and completed the basic body shape within a couple of hours. It took me twice as long to search through my crafting cupboard for the safety eyes!!! I used toy stuffing which I had already purchased from Hobbycraft a while back. I used a light pink oil crayon as blush on the cheeks.

Link to the Weebee Doll – Princess Mod Kit (free)

I wanted a flowing summery girlie dress. I slightly adapted the Princess Mod Kit Dress to obtain the effect I was after. I used a lovely purple 100% acrylic DK yarn from Hobbycraft (their value range 50g ball). I used about 30g making the dress (also in a large than pattern suggested hook size).

Link to the Weebee Doll – Mix & Match Clothing (free)

I used the pattern for the lacy cardigan (larger than suggested hook size). I absolutely love the dungarees and cat hat. Think my little lady might be getting a boyfriend in the near future! I used a lilac 100% acrylic DK yarn from Hobbycraft (their value range 5-G ball). I used about 20g making the cardigan. I did not use a button to close the top of the cardigan like the pattern. I wanted to use a little bit of ribbon and make a small bow. Whilst in Hobbycraft, I found a packet of purple and lilac heart buttons. It was like the crafting gods were smiling down on me. The colours matched the yarn perfectly!!! I used a purple heart button as an embellishment on the side of the cardigan. I think it looks really cute!

Link to the Weebee Doll – Step by Step Underwear (free)

No lady should be caught without underwear!!! I made the pants using the same purple yarn as the dress.

I was going to use the provided hair pattern but decided that I wanted her to have a long flowing high pony tail. I created a skull cap using a continuous spiral of single crochet (sorry, I might be British but I work using US terms). Each round contained gradual increases so it would fit snuggly without squishing the head! Don’t forget to use a stitch marker or contrasting yarn scrap as keeping track of the rounds can be confusing (if easily distracted like myself!) Once the cap was roughly the size of the hair line, I stitched it to the head using a simple running stitch and a large tapestry needle.

Next is the job which I loathe!  Who had the brilliant idea of creating a huge head of hair!! Oh yeah, that would be me! I used a chocolate brown from my stash and cut lengths approximately 20 inches. I then used the single crochets as anchors for attaching the strands. I folded the strands in half so there is a loop for the middle. I then used a smaller hook to pull the loop though the single crochet. I then pulled the two end through the loop and TA DAH the first strand is attached. I continued with the same process following the single crochet spiral for about 5 rounds. The rest of the cap was left as is. I flipped the doll upside down and drew the hair into a high pony tail. I used a regular elasticated hair band to tie them all together. As all of the strands were the same size, it created a lovely layered cascade effect to the pony tail. I was over the moon with the result.

I felt that there needed to be something on the front of pony tail. I crocheted a simple single crochet rectangle and left a long tail of yarn. I used this long tail to bind the centre and making it into a bow. I created 2 bows using the purple and lilac yarn. I went back to the life changing heart buttons and put on a contrasting one onto each bow.

I had also purchased a metre of purple ribbon to use around the waist of the dress. Unfortunately the ribbon was too wide.

Fast forward 2 days later………. Hubby and I were on a trip to Wales. We wanted to stop off and have a walk around the indoor market in Swansea. Hubby was after a chain which would attach his keys to this trouser loop! I was secretly hoping for any crafty! Well, we were not disappointed! There were 4 market vendors who sold crafting stuff. To my surprise, Hubby found some really thin lilac ribbon which would be perfect for my doll.

Promptly on my return back home, I stitched the ribbon around the waist of the dress. I also some for a small bow to join the top of the cardigan together. I also found a lovely pinky purple crystal button in my stash which would make the perfect pendant. I used the remaining ribbon and the crystal button as a necklace.

My project is nearly completed!! The final stage of creating is the naming! It did not take long to come up with the perfect name – Anabelle. This was the nickname my nanny used to call me. I thought it would be a fitting tribute.

Here are some photos of Anabelle:-

Final Thoughts…….

I loved making this project. You are only limited by your own imagination. I love taking a pattern as a basis and making alterations and additions. I really feel that the added extras like the buttons, pony tail, bows, ribbon and necklace worked out great. Well done to Laura for making such a great, easy to understand and versatile pattern. It was also great to see that accompanying clothing and mods were available for free. There are so many designers (and this is not a negative towards them) offer the doll body for free and then make all the clothing as paid patterns. I like a lot of people are on a budget – food on the table or clothes for a doll! All in all, it cost me approximately £5 to make this doll. That is not breaking the bank and it shows that beautiful things can be made whilst cutting corners. I have had a huge amount of interest in Anabelle and some have offered quite a bit of money for her – unfortunately, she is not going anywhere!!! I am in love with the finished doll and she is taking pride of place in my bedroom!

Hope you enjoyed this, till next time…… Annie xx





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